Ms. V’s thoughts

Want to know even more? Below are just some highlights from social media about topics the book explores;

"Many women grow up knowing we are prey. We catch on real fast. But what if we don’t want to reverse the roles in order to win the game? What if we want to stop making a game into an entire way of life? That is the difference between patriarchy and Gynarchy."

“Love is defined as a deep interest or pleasure in, or a feeling of deep affection for, someone or something. That’s a simple love focused on the person feeling it. It’s about the emotion you are feeling. That love comes and goes easily. And it’s love, nonetheless. But what of unselfish love? What of the kind of love that is defined as taking someone else’s interests as one’s own, of taking them on as a part of one’s self? If they hurt, you hurt, and if they feel joy it is your joy as well. The love that creates a feeling of unity? A kind of love that need not even be reciprocated to be felt as real and profound and life changing?“

“Why do I prefer the word Gynarchy over Matriarchy? Because not every woman wants to be a mother.“

“‘Traditional’ is always a euphemism for male dominance and male supremacy. But in a truly traditional society the nuclear family would not exist.“

The Pillars of Gynarchy

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