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What if women were safe and had full agency over their lives and bodies? What if all spaces were women’s spaces? What if men’s classically masculine traits like strength, risk-taking, and systematizing were useful, prosocial, and not toxic? What if men took a step back from their conquests and surrendered to the natural authority of women? Does that idea terrify people? Why is the fight for equality the wrong tactic for all genders? And what if you don’t fit into the gender binary?

Gynarchy is a way of life that encompasses personal, political, and social relationships. It is the radical claim that women are natural leaders and rulers, and men can find unmatched fulfillment in supporting, serving, and pleasing them. It’s based on eight pillars: Consent, Bodily Autonomy, Abundance, Collaboration, Network, the Hive, Conflict Resolution, and the Feminine as Divine. These core principles come together to create a shift in how we wield power. Take a tour of history, biology, religion, families, economics, psychology, and sexuality from a different perspective. Find out what it’s like to see the world through the Gynarchist lens.

In a follow-up to 150 Years of Gynarchy, Viola Voltairine takes us on a journey from the earliest known creation myth to a future of interconnected micro-societies called Hives, run by women and venerating the Feminine. The Feminine is active, not passive and submissive. She is playful, cyclical, and creative. As every culture knew at some point in their history, She is the origin of the Universe.


The 8 Pillars of Gynarchy, A KINKology Analysis – Intelligent Phone Sex Calls with Mistress Becky May 18, 2024

[…] 8 Pillars of Gynarchy are based on the book “The Pillars of Gynarchy” by Viola Voltairine and was featured on the 5/17/24 episode of KINKology by the same name. I highly recommend that you […]

The Pillars of Gynarchy

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